It is our responsibility to empower our clients and doing what is best for them, their family and their business. We do so through education because if you don’t know then you don’t know. We have saved business owners thousands of dollars in tax liability  just by education and ensuring we are doing what is right for them and their business. We educate them on what they can write off, how to track their expenses, what they need to do throughout the year and how to keep proper records. We also assist our clients with making better financial decisions which benefit them, their business and also reduce their  tax liability. Operating a business can be extremely challenging at times, receipts get misplaced or thrown out because the owner has no idea they can claim that particular expense. I have created a check list reflecting the basic deductions. There are deductions which are industry and business type specific, those deductions were not included on this list. If you would like to know what you can deduct based on your industry or business type, please schedule a consultation with us. To download the list click the link below.

Business Deductions List

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